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Patient Profile: Franci

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Six years ago we publicized the challenging circumstances faced by one of our younger patients, six year old Franci. Like José Ramon’s, Franci’s young life had not been easy. His mother was only a teenager when she began having children, and eventually the stresses of a child raising several children was too much for her and she left Franci and his siblings with their dad. But life is not always cooperative to a farmer with young children who has to live off the land, searching for any opportunity to help make ends meet. Franci and his sisters were eventually taken into the home of Magaly, the local school teacher. Magaly and her husband Ernesto had done this before: they have a loving home, and there is always something to eat. And there is always room for one more. 

When Magaly brought Franci to us the first time, our physicians discovered an issue with heart: first our family practice physician, and then our cardiologist. Using our on-site EKG and ultrasound, they discovered a hole in Franci’s heart. That explained his near continual fatigue and inability to play with his classmates. Had it been left untreated, Franci was looking at a life that would become increasingly difficult and yes, much shorter. We knew that a fairly routine surgery could correct his condition, but the ideal window, in terms of age, when this surgery is most ideally performed, was closing. We were able to partner with a team of surgeons and Franci received the surgery he needed, and today, at eleven years old, you would think he is sixteen: strong, active, happy and grateful. You saved Franci’s life. Thank you.

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