Our Impact - Somos Amigos

Our Impact

The passion that drives our work pushes us not toward achieving a numerical goal, but rather toward serving each and every patient with compassion, humility, and the highest level of care we can offer. But it’s helpful to have concrete, objective data that allow us to support the anecdotal evidence that suggests we are doing what we strive to do. Here is a summary of our patient encounters from the past year:

  • Our physicians, nurses and medical teams treated 1,509 patients, of whom 85% were returning patients.
  • We referred 47 patients for care elsewhere and funded those treatments.
  • Our pharmacy staffs dispensed 6,501 unique prescriptions, and our lab teams performed 1,868 lab procedures.
  • Our dentists, hygienists and dental teams treated 472 patients and performed 2,300 unique procedures.

Stories from Naranjito

"The Americans, for us in this community, have been a success.  And not just in Naranjito, but many in the area benefit.  They began in 1997, working on a small aqueduct here.  This has been for us, a blessing.  And then they installed the clinic, and this, in reality, has been important.  They have helped many, and there are many grateful people.  We have nothing to pay them for it, but God will repay this group, Somos Amigos." ~ Dario, Patient

"Something important, is what happened after this group, Somos Amigos, began visiting us.  Because in this community, we had nothing.  We had no water, there was no school, no church; the beautiful health center that we have now, didn't exist.  And after they began to visit, our community began to grow.  Our community began to shine.  Our community is something, thanks to the group, Somos Amigos." ~ Magaly, Patient and Local Leader

"This is my 6th Somos Amigos medical mission.  We bring supplies and good will and positive energy.  I always get back so much more than I give, even though all the volunteers here really give 100% night and day.  The focus is always patient-centered.  It is an amazing organization.  It is an incredible bonding experience for all the volunteers, and so many just want to keep coming back, because it is such a fulfilling opportunity." ~ Dr. Ray, Volunteer

"The first time I came, they served me a good breakfast.  My leg hurt, lots of things hurt in my body but since I've been coming here, I feel much better.  We poor people must come here because if you can't afford to go to a clinic, you have to come here.  I thank them, to this local community called Naranjito, and to all the Americans who give me everything possible so that I can feel good." ~ Arcadio, Patient

"I've been coming here for over 15 years.  I've seen children grow up here and feel part of the lives of the families.  It's a very special group because people come together from many places.  Unlike a lot of other groups, we come back to the same place every visit.  We have continuity, we know our patients, and we deliver the care that meets the highest standards.  They really receive first world care as much as possible in this remote setting.  Doctors, nurses, high school students; everybody functions as equals and the camaraderie and the dedication to the work is shared by everyone." ~ Dr. Katalin, Volunteer

"When we see patients, whether they're dental patients, medical patients, a 90-year old, or a newborn baby, we all come together as family and friends, and that's what Somos Amigos means to me.  In Archbishop Desmond Tutu's words, if we each do a little thing, all of those little things together can change the world.  I see each one of our patients as one of those worlds.  We make a difference by making their world a little better, by alleviating pain, through health education, and through shared laughter." ~ Dione, Volunteer

"I have been working with Somos Amigos Medical Missions since 1997.  My job is to make food for them, prepare meals every day.  We have shared so much that now they feel like family.  We have changed so much since they've been coming, from the medicine, the dialogue.  Each time new people come, so now it is up to more than 700 volunteers.  We get to know new and different people, not just from the United States, but also from China, Haiti, and many parts.  And each day we are even more enthusiastic about continuing our work with this group." ~ Lourdes, Patient and Local Leader

"I feel really happy since this group of doctors has been coming here for 20 years.  I worked with them at first, boiling water.  I thank Frank and the whole institution, because it is so much that they have done, in the community and outside it.  We are a poor community, but thanks to God who has sent us this institution.  I thank them for everything, and ask God that He continue to help them so they can always continue to visit." ~ Venera, Patient

"We can keep a patient for as long as we want, and fix them!  One time we delivered a denture to this lady, and they told her, "smile!", and she said, "I don't know how to smile."  She had been without teeth for so long that she never smiled.  And then they handed her a mirror, and she smiled.  That was really awesome!" ~ Dr. Bob, Dentist