How to Set Up Your Own Crowdfunding Site

So you are interested in starting a crowdfunding campaign for Somos Amigos…

Crowdfunding is one of the ways you can support Somos Amigos, by raising donations through a time-limited, often project-oriented campaign. What exactly does crowdfunding mean? For centuries, things like memorials, benches, plaques, and scholarships, have been funded by small donations from communities of people connected to the person raising the funds. However, with the advent of social media, crowdfunding as a fundraising tool, has flourished. If you are interested in starting a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the work we do (THANK YOU!), we want to make sure you are fully supported, and have some place to start.

Crowdfunding campaigns should be specific and time-limited.

Here, you already know that you’re fundraising for Somos Amigos: is there a specific program that you are hoping to fundraise for? Are you interested in going on a volunteer trip, and need some financial support from family and friends? Whatever the case may be, you’ll want to relay to others why Somos’ mission speaks to you; speak from the heart, and reach out to Frank Brightwell if you have any questions. You also might consider linking an activity with your fundraising goals. Road races and marathons are fun and healthy ways to fundraise, with a built-in time line, allowing your family and friends to support not only Somos, but your specific goals as well.

Set a realistic funding target & prepare your pitch.

It is important to be clear about how much money you are trying to raise, and where it is going to go. Although you are the architect of the campaign, we again encourage you to reach out to Frank, or any member of the Board for support with language, or any questions you might have. We are so grateful that you are taking the time to do this! We also have a short Vimeo you can link to on your page, that widely resonates with people interested in learning about the heart of our work. You’ll want your pitch to be clear, concise and grab attention.

Find a platform.

A dedicated crowdfunding platform takes the headache out of managing financial contributions. Frank can also work with you to link your page directly to Somos Amigos, so that all of the donations are processed through Somos, rather than through your personal banking account. There are loads of platforms to choose from, but we recommend Fundly, JustGiving and StartSomeGood.

And you’re off!

Time to start your campaign! You’ll need a (somewhat) coordinated online campaign to get people to your crowdfunding page and donating. You can invite your community through email and social media, to back the project with pledges of cash. Encourage people to share your campaign and feel free to keep your supporters updated about your progress, and how close you are to the target. Thank them when they do contribute, and let them know what difference their money will make. We are so grateful. Thank you.