About Us - Somos Amigos

About Us


In partnership with the community of Naranjito, we commit to deliver unparalleled quality and reliable healthcare to isolated mountain communities in the Dominican Republic.


  • To stand in solidarity with those who struggle, to bring healing and hope to as many patients as possible and with ever-increasing levels of care.
  • To be a model of partnership and cooperation, to show what is possible when friends and colleagues work together in the service of others.


  • Respect
  • Dignity
  • Justice
  • Compassion
  • Excellence


More than twenty years ago one physician and one dentist, one teacher and six high school students responded to a petition from an isolated farming community with no electricity and no running water. What began as a project to bring fresh water to a small village in rural Dominican Republic is now a lively primary school and a bustling health clinic that serves over 5000 people for miles around.

We are a group of friends, colleagues, professionals and students, young and not-so-young with a single vision: to connect with those who struggle, to empower them, and to improve their lives through quality, reliable medical and dental care. Working alongside our Dominican friends, we are grass-roots and humble, but we think big. In one of our patient’s words, “when we’re healthy, we can work, and when we can work, we can grow our families, and for us, this is what life is.”

From the first day, we have worked alongside our Dominican brothers and sisters. The local, elected ‘Comité de la Clinica’ guides our work as much as the Board of Directors back home. Somos Amigos has offered healing and hope to the community of Naranjito, but we are mindful that our patients give as much to us as we to them.

For Somos Amigos, the relationships we have with those we serve are fundamental to our identity. Not only do we provide unparalleled continuity of care, but we connect with entire families in a real and lasting way. Through shared experiences, stories, and leaps across cultural and linguistic divides, we have built enduring bonds between individuals from otherwise vastly different worlds.