Other Volunteers

Non-Healthcare Professionals and Students

In addition to our medical and dental professionals, Somos Amigos® volunteer groups, which typically number more than fifty people, include people from many backgrounds. As long as you are flexible, having medical or dental training is not necessary to volunteer on one of our trips. We need volunteers to work in our Pharmacy, in Intake, in Records, in the Laboratory, and most of all, we need interpreters. Volunteers with Spanish and/or Haitian Creole fluency will have more opportunities and are always needed. There are fewer spots available for non-Spanish-speaking/Haitian Creole-speaking volunteers.
A special note to prospective student volunteers: While most of our volunteers are professionals, we welcome younger volunteers, as young as junior year in high school (no more than two or three on a trip). College students have also found our program’s experience to be very rewarding. Medical, dental, nursing and other healthcare professional school students are also welcome. Students assist or work independently in our clinic in the same way they would at home. Note that while our students will work alongside amazing practitioners who are renowned in their fields and generously share their knowledge, we are not a “teaching” organization.
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