Somos Amigos® Fundraiser in Washington, DC


October 24, 2012

Please support your friends who volunteer with
Somos Amigos Medical Missions®
and join them for two hours of beverages, food and good company
Wednesday, October 24 from 6:00-8:00 PM
at the offices of
Bernstein Global Wealth Management
800 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C.
100% of the proceeds from this event will be used for patient care.
Basic general admission is $50, but there are also levels of sponsorship beyond the basic level.
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Thank you for your support. See you on the 24th!

somos amigos medical misson
Somos Amigos Medical Misson

Many of our volunteers remember the little girl in the photo above. She first came to us a couple of years ago. Her parents had been patients of ours, and soon after she was born, they were very proud and happy to have her come to us for her first doctor visit. The baby was born with hydrocephalus, and when she came for that visit, she was gravely ill. We immediately sent the family to Santiago for care, but we knew her long-term prognosis was not good. The baby died over the summer. Last week the mom came to the clinic because she remembered that a volunteer had taken the photo above on the June trip. Ed Keath, the photographer, had a copy of the photo and gave it to her. It was a touching moment, sad but joyful at the same time. This is just one of the stories of our patients… noble, proud and humble people. They depend on us for their medical and dental care, and they know we will be there for them.

somos amigos medical misson

Most of us have experienced the nagging and sometimes excruciating pain of a toothache. And most of us are able to get to our dentist for care before the problem becomes debilitating. Imagine being thirteen years old and having an infected tooth become so bad that the infection actually makes its way through your cheek and erupts on your face. And now imagine being that thirteen year old boy and living alone for most of the time because your mother lives elsewhere and your father leaves for days at a time to find work. Alesander came to us last week and was treated by our pediatric dentist. The bad tooth was removed but the infection is so severe that we could not complete his treatment in our remote location. We have made arrangements with an oral surgeon to have Alesander get treatment in the city. He will probably spend a couple of night in the hospital, but he will receive the care he needs and deserves. Somos Amigos funds outside treatment for some patients like Alesander. How can we not help him? If the infection were to remain untreated, the consequences for Alesander could be quite serious. We were there for him and we will stay by him until he is better.