Vision Statement

Our Vision

Somos Amigos Medical Missions® is neither a religious nor political organization. We are small, but we have a large mission. We are grass-roots and humble, but we think big. We are a group of friends, colleagues, professionals and students, young and not-so-young who are brought together by one goal: to connect with those who struggle, to help them and to empower them, and to improve their lives through quality medical and dental care. We believe we have an obligation to reach out and to try to make a difference in our world.

Somos Amigos® provides primary care to thousands of patients. But we believe that we bring our patients more than medicines and tooth fillings and vitamins—we are bringing hope. The relationships we have with those we serve are fundamental to our identity. We have connected with people, with communities, in a real and lasting way. On a wall near our pharmacy, a volunteer left a sign that reads, “If you have come expecting to heal the sick, you will be surprised, for the sick will heal you.” Beautiful connections are made on that Naranjito hillside, little miracles of healing. Lives are being changed.

For Somos Amigos®, the point is not so much what we do, as marvelous as it is, but rather how we do what we do. From our organization’s inception, we have worked alongside our Dominican brothers and sisters. We make all of our decisions with them; we are always careful not to impose ourselves on our hosts and patients; we are respectful of the dignity and integrity of the people we serve.

While the clinic is open, our volunteers live in homes with campesinos. About a dozen people from Naranjito work alongside us while we work. Our host community elects a Comité de la Clínicá, and that committee guides our work as much as our Board of Directors back home. Our hosts help sustain Somos Amigos; our work is just as much their call to serve as it is ours. We have become a part of the life of Naranjito, and the people living in that community have become an important part of our lives.

As Somos Amigos® looks to the future, we ask ourselves, “How can we serve more?” and, “How can we serve with an even higher level of care?”

Please consider joining or supporting us. Gracias.